“Frank got this stubborn old ’meathead’ to do things and cooperate on matters that even Nancy, my dear wife of over 40 years, couldn’t get me to do!”          
--TV icon Carroll O’Connor (1925-2001)

“Frank came to ‘The Young & the Restless” in 1989 and for over 15 years provided us with a sense of leadership, purpose and PR and marketing wizardry that had been sorely missing in our 15 year history up to that date.  He took a show that had just become #1 in terms of the Nielsen ratings, and made it #1 in the minds and hearts of the Hollywood television industry and the international viewing audience…”
-- 6 Time Emmy Award-winning Exec. Producer Edward J. Scott

“I worked alongside of Frank Tobin for many years at CBS TV City while he was repping ‘The Young and The Restless’ and ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ and I was repping Bob Barker and ‘The Price is Right’…Frank has the energy, drive, determination, enthusiasm and raw talent of 10 people.  I have always been amazed at his boundless energy, his countless ideas and his team spirit.”
-- Henri Bollinger, Founder & President, The Publicists Guild Of America

“Simply put, Frank makes things happen!  He is resourceful, resilient and reliable and brings brilliant ideas, successful strategies, endless energy, boundless enthusiasm and plenty of heart to everything he touches.”
 -- Renee Young, VP, Susan Blond Inc.

"Frank provides significant energy and enthusiasm for all projects. Whether a small PR campaign or a major event our organization held in the Rose Bowl, Frank had a great promotion strategy and delivered amazing results. It was my most successful press conference ever. I highly recommend Frank, particularly projects that are going to need a lot of diligent efforts to deliver results."
--Susan Wallace, VP, Communications, Holy Cross Family Theater

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